/ˈkləstərˌfək/ Noun:

A situation that is totally fucked up, especially as a result of incompetence. 

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I'm nobody really. Just a single, special needs parent (aka mom) who became a caregiver, had to learn to speak in acronyms, study case law, learn to read legalese, memorize the ADA, IDEA, advocate for my children, became an ABA therapist while navigating my way through IEPs, IEEs, EAPs and trailblazing  along the way through the lonely world special needs caregiver to a dependent, adult daughter with BPD and two boys with Autism.  I've also rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed hundreds of dogs.


I have issues but I know shit. Need guidance?  Let's talk...


Tel: 760.207.3802

EMAIL: julie@justaskjulie.me

Please contribute then contact me for parent coaching and support.


fundraising for a future non-profit so my daughter and i can work hand-in-hand, side-by-side together.

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