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ERs and 9-1-1: "which one are we checking in for today?" wtf

Dear first responders, nurses, phlebotomists, and those of you who like to be called "Dr.", for that matter anyone who works as healthcare professionals:

When someone mentions (at their check-in) there are developmental disabilities and mental health issues, alongside the issue for which one needs to be seen, do not attempt to segregate the symptoms and conditions. DO NOT ASK, "which are we seeing you for today?" (Honestly, I will immediately think you're a moron but...) I get it; this population is minuscule, in comparison to the general pop. These types are not checking in every hour, but they are part of the population. They get ill, feel sick, need relief and have accidents, too.

DO NOT ASK WHICH ISSUE THEY ARE CHECKING IN FOR. It's both. Always both (and you sound stupid).

Mental Health issues are NOT separate from the individual. They can't "take them off" for you to treat their body aches and flu-like symptoms.

It is clear and apparent Mental Healthcare is not part of medical school, nursing school, nor health care education: Make it part of YOURS - I'm dead serious I know shit - hire me.

It's not a separate department in their bodies, so quit making it a separate department in your fucking buildings!

<<<JUST GETTING STARTED RANT.... Seriously, someone, please hold my beer.>>>

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